28/02/2021: Cardiff Central

Yesterday was my birthday. Hooray! Lockdown birthdays are just the best, aren’t they? Actually, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I had two cakes, a balloon, flowers, books and lots of chocolate. Not too shabby. It’s also helped that the weather this weekend has been nothing short of glorious – nice of the weather gods to organise a good showing for my special day.

Today I didn’t move far from my couch for a long while. I even had a nap as the sun streamed in through the window. Living the dream. However, I was keen to get out and capture the last remnants of what looked like some amazing light – and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed if I headed into town.

I made my way along the river – again – and headed towards central station. When I think back to an era when I wasted so much time (and more egregiously, money) on trains, it feels almost unbelievable to think it’s now been over a year since I last stepped foot aboard one. I’m not sure I can say wholeheartedly say that I miss travelling on trains as such, but the idea of travelling anywhere obviously feels too exciting for comprehension. The next time I get on a train it’ll probably cost the price of a small car to get anywhere at this rate.

Anyway, the gorgeous golden light made even completely mundane buildings look a tiny bit special, while all the construction going on in the city centre suggests that somebody, somewhere believes that things are going to return to normal one day.

Whatever that is.

Distance: 4.66miles
Time: 1:53

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