25/02/2021: Thompson’s Park

What else can you do when there’s another beautifully sunny day (after a couple of days of dull dull dull) except stick your AirPods in, listen to a podcast about a poltergeist and breathe in the almost-spring air!

It had been another couple of days of solitary indoor confinement. Too much work, not enough time – a classic problem that I’m mostly quite grateful to have. After all, somebody’s got to pay for all those disco lights that I’m accumulating.

I went across to Thompson’s Park again today, a place I’m starting to feel a little more comfortable in now that I’ve returned to it a few times. It still feels a little bit weird to be so close to my old house, but it’s becoming less so every time I go there.

Today was definitely helped along by just how beautiful it’s looking at the moment. All the flowers are coming out and it’s changed quite a bit even in the relatively short time since I was last there. The dog ambled up and across her favourite log – somebody stared at me while she was doing it, perhaps they’d never seen such a little dog on top of such an enormous log before. It’s quite impressive, I must admit.

The trouble with such a sunny day is that it makes it hard to come back inside to get back on with those deadlines, but needs must and all that. If the forecast is to be believed, we will have a couple more days of good weather – so there should be no excuses for continuing to vegetate inside.

It’s also my birthday in a couple of days time. My sincerest hope that some freedom might have been granted to us in time for that was sadly not to be, so I’m not sure how exciting it’s likely to be. It’s almost as if the powers that be have not taken into consideration this special day.


Distance – 2.31miles
Time – 1:28

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