22/02/2021: Penarth Seafront

A grand day out!

Today I went out of the county for the first time in close to two months. Although I only went 10 minutes down the road, it felt like such an enormous treat, something I would obviously have never have even begun to contemplate this time last year.

Penarth is one of my favourite places to go for a number of reasons. High on the list is the fact that it’s the perfect place to go to test cameras and lenses, so in the before-times I was probably here once a week. Once I even had an essay published about how I used to visit Penarth to help me overcome symptoms of SAD during the winter months. If I could go back and tell the person that wrote that piece that one day I wouldn’t even be allowed to drive down the road during the darkest and coldest months of the year to help lift the spirits, well, I wouldn’t have been thrilled about it. Since the driving ban came into force, not being able to just pop here to give the dog a run on the beach has been harder than I’d like to really think about and go into.

So, when I needed to get some extra shots with the phone I’m testing, and with the sun finally back out, there could really only be one place that I’d choose to go to get my work done. I am beyond grateful to be able to do something like this at a time when other people are stuck indoors, and I even feel a vague sense of guilt that others are not so fortunate. But, then again, the tonic that this provided as somebody who has spent the past two months almost completely alone also assuages that somewhat. Take the bonuses where you can, and all that.

The ironic thing is that this is probably even safer than some of the other walks that I’ve been on. The beach was almost completely deserted and I walked past far fewer people than I have been when on my daily trundles around the suburban streets. Still, rules is rules and I’ve been more than happy to stick to them, as they’re obviously there for a very important reason.

I probably could have stayed in the sunshine for several hours but with a rumbling tummy – not helped by the luscious aroma of freshly-cooked chips (essential items) wafting down the seafront – I decided I should probably get home. When I got there I saw another email in my inbox which said I will need to get out and take yet more pictures. Obviously commissions are always welcome, but right now, they’re turning into a lifesaver.

Now we just need it not to rain for the foreseeable future…

Wishful thinking?

Distance – 1.26miles
Time: 1:47

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