21/02/2021: Chapter

Perhaps it’s just me, but I seem to find that once I reach the three-day mark of not going on the mandatory walk, full hermit mode starts to engage and it becomes harder than ever to go out. The third day in a row of rain (punishment for the one day of sunshine we had last week, I’m sure of it), and my desire to go on yet another walk around the block was at an all time low.

Since I’ve been getting all the steps I need from the disco I installed in the house last week out of sheer boredom (and perhaps the full succumbing to insanity), trudging around in the rain has been relegated to second choice. But, keen to break the cycle – and get some better air than that which is contained within here – I thought I’d better make an effort. Plus, I’m never going to get much content from Cafe Disco – certainly not what anybody would actually like to see anyway.

As is often the case, it was dark by the time I got the impetus to move. That’s OK, I thought, I can test out the low light capability of the phone I’m still reviewing. Not just a hat rack. I didn’t want to go far (see aforementioned laziness) so I did a big loop over to Chapter in Canton and back.

Adding to my collection of “pictures from the weird times”, I got some good new ones for the album that I’ll almost certainly never get round to making. Probably for the best.

I noticed that one of the Christmas lights was still illuminated on Cowbridge Road East. Perhaps, it, like the rest of us, has been stuck in time for the past couple of months. Or perhaps someone hasn’t had the heart to switch it off just yet. Maybe it stays on all year round. It’s mysteries like this which I’m sure keep you up at night, just as much as it does me – well not so much anymore since I got my lavender spray and anxiety blanket, but that’s another story.

Anywho, there was no wiggle room on the driving ban from the great one, so it’s another few weeks (at least) of local walks. That is, except if you’re working. I find myself more grateful than ever that I sometimes need to travel to do some aspects of my work, and with products starting to come in, some of these walks might stretch as far as, ooh, a couple of miles away.

Fancy that!

Distance – 1.77miles
Time: 48:39

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