18/02/2021: Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve

Today has been a good day.

Today has been a busy day.

The reason? I’ve done quite a variety of things today – well, as varied as one can be in the current situation, and it feels like an achievement. I started the day by helping to judge a prestigious food photography competition. Aside from the fact it made me ravenously hungry, it was a great opportunity and fantastic to see so much talent on display. It made me quite jealous, really – a terrible trait.

After lunch I did a video interview with the Magnum legend David Hurn, somebody I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few times now. He was a delight as usual, and was of course enamoured with the dog. Most people are. When we are allowed back outside in 200 years time, we’re hoping to meet up again properly. Something to look forward to!

Perhaps however, the most exciting news of today is that as I had received something to review yesterday, I finally had a legal reason to drive somewhere. What a liberation. I didn’t go far – in fact, I only went as far as I walked on Monday, but the fact I was able to do it without taking up the whole day just to get there is something of a revelation. I guess there’s a reason why somebody invented cars, huh? The map not looking the same as all those in the seven weeks previously is kind of freaking me out, to be honest – it just looks wrong.

The wetlands is one of my favourite places to go to in Cardiff, having only discovered it a couple of years ago. It’s a nice place to have a think, the light aways seems to be good there (or perhaps I only go when it is), and of course, it’s number one appeal is that there’s free parking. When you can find a space that is – despite the driving ban there was only one left. I’m sure they all definitely have 100% justifiable reasons to be there, just like me.

Tomorrow we get the latest edict from our hallowed leaders on what we are and aren’t allowed to do over the next few weeks. Hopes remain at a low, despite cases also being at a low. Perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised (it has happened before), but at least for a few days I’ve got the phone I’m reviewing (Samsung S21 Ultra if you care about such banalities) to get me to a couple of unusual locations.

Maybe I’ll test it at the beach?

Distance – 2.20miles
Time – 1:33

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