16/02/2021: Bute Park

Judging from the noises coming from on high today, I have come to the conclusion that the international clog dancing championships were taking place in the flat directly above mine. Who’d have thought it! I just hope it was covid-secure.

At roughly 4pm, the clog dancers left and I was left behind in peaceful serenity. But after a day of on-again off-again rain showers, and not wanting to let the dog get complacent, I decided to ditch the quiet and head to the outside. I might never experience such bliss again, so I may come to regret this in the years to come.

After yesterday’s epic walk, and with the daylight hours almost evaporated, I decided to stay more local this time. I thought I’d go and check out the frog sculpture that some of my more eagle-eyed and attentive readers (so probably not you) may recall me talking about in a previous post. However, when I reached it, I noticed that it no longer had a face. Story of my life. An over achieving squirrel has got to it, perhaps?

I wandered over towards the castle, where the dog decided she wanted to pose. She’s like that. She’s also got an owner that may have led her to believe she’ll receive treats if she sits still for long enough. Sadly for her, she’s also got an owner that almost never remembers to take treats out with her. It’s a tough life.

After the fashion shoot, I made my way around to the site of the old Blackfriar’s Friary, which dates back to the 13th century. There’s a little sculpture in front of it showing what it would have looked like at the time. It does not date back to the 13th century.

Not feeling in any particular rush to get back – I wasn’t sure if the grand finale of the clog championships had yet to be held – I made my way over to the stadium for a walk along the deserted boardwalk. The sun was going down and there was some decent colour in the sky. Could this mean we’ve got a bright day ahead tomorrow?

Let’s not get carried away.

Distance – 2.58miles
Time – 1:26

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