15/02/2021: Cardiff Bay

Another Monday disappears into the rear view, and as seems to have been routine for a while, I did another long walk. I fancied seeing some water that wasn’t pouring out of the sky so I decided to take a walk down to Cardiff Bay, reaching it by walking along the river – double water.

I thought I was going to be receiving something to review today, but the parcel which arrived was something else. Another exciting story that really makes this blog so special, I’m sure you’ll agree. Because of this disappointment, I therefore stuck with the door-to-door walking regime that we’ve all become familiar with over the past 6000 days.

It wasn’t sunny, but at least it wasn’t raining – or snowing – two conditions which stopped me from getting out over the weekend. The dog wasn’t thrilled with the idea of the walk, but I took her jumper off and she seemed a lot less lazy… perhaps she’s motivated to move quicker when she’s cold. Cruel? She’s been horizontal on the sofa ever since we returned – but then again, that’s pretty much true of every night.

The Bay was quieter than I thought it would be, considering it’s half term and there’s literally nothing else to do. I like walking around the old buildings by the Coal Exchange building (scene of the world’s first million-pound cheque, fact fans). I like looking for remnants of a building’s former life – old signage above new doorways, the penchant that the Victorians had for stamping the date on everything, and the odd plaque or two.

Head into the Bay proper, and it’s generally a more modern affair – at least by comparison. There’s a big iron sculpture which I only realised was a face a couple of years ago. Every time I see it now I wonder how on earth I managed not to notice for more than a decade previously. There’s probably a metaphor for something in there somewhere, but after such a long walk I’m too tired to think what it might be.

As is usually the case after a Monday, Tuesday will be arriving tomorrow.

What new joy will it bring?

Distance – 6.14miles
Time – 2:46

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