12/02/2021: Pontcanna Fields

Well, here we another, another week whooshes past my ears – just like my deadlines. Whoops. Where does the time go? You would think living in a permanent boredom and isolation state would make the hours drag on, but time seems to be going by quicker than ever. But on the plus side, we’re hopefully another week closer to some easing of restrictions. Maybe?

Today I had to wait in all day for anti-anxiety blanket. The irony being that I had to stare out the window at a glorious day feeling anxious I couldn’t be outside in it. When it eventually turned up (and I gave it the of-course necessary test), with the days slowly getting longer, I was able to dash out for a little last-minute trot around the park.

It might have been a beautiful day but it was so cold my fingers were in physical pain as we crossed over the field – even while wearing gloves. Perhaps I’ve just wimped out from spending a few days more-or-less solely indoors, but I was glad that I stayed hyperlocal as I can’t tolerate this for too long. Warmer weather – even if just by a few degrees – can’t come quickly enough for me. Despite perhaps physical appearances, I am not built for cold.

One of my favourite things about Pontcanna Fields is the murder of crows that you almost always see hanging about if you visit around sunset. A “murder” has to be one of the best plurals of the animal kingdom, surely? A couple of the crows had broken off from the main group and their perfect outlines against the backdrop of the fading light in the sky looked great through my viewfinder.

So, tomorrow is yet another weekend. Not sure what it is has in store – walk wise – but on Monday I should be taking delivery of something for review. Which means that I’ll be looking a little bit further afield than usual for my walk.

How unusual!

Distance – 1.82miles
Time – 43:27

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