08/02/2021: Bute East Dock

The photos from today are some of my favourite since I started documenting my walks in this fashion. Kudos has to be given to one of this blog’s regular readers for making the location suggestion – despite my extensive studying of the maps, it hadn’t occurred to me to go here – well done you!

It was a long walk, as I often seem to find myself doing on a Monday. The weather was – as usual – a bit of a mixed bag, and it even started to snow.

I had to walk through the city centre, which although as quiet as you’d expect from lockdown, there was something about being among the big buildings that made me feel more part of “life” than usual. Don’t get me wrong, Cardiff isn’t exactly New York City, but when you’ve been traipsing primarily around the suburbs for the past few weeks, the change in architecture feels pretty novel.

Eventually I ended up at Bute East Dock, a place I’m not sure I’ve ever been to before. If I have, it was long enough ago to have been erased from my mind. Once again, the enforced travel ban has led to a discovery of new/forgotten locations, which is something to be grateful for.

Just as I got to the end of the dock, the light transformed into something beautiful, illuminating a pair of non-plussed cormorants. I wished I had a longer lens, but I decided to just look at them with my eyes rather than worrying too much about getting a good shot of them. Another novel idea.

Walking back, the skies looked extremely threatening – but I’m pleased to report it stayed dry. The dog persistently maintains 10 steps behind me while on these lengthy walks, I simply couldn’t have faced her wrath should the heavens have opened up today.

Having had three fairly lengthy walks on the bounce, I’m not sure I’ll manage to drag us both out tomorrow. Then again, I’ve just looked at the weather forecast and it’s predicting strong winds.

Maybe it’ll help?

Distance – 5.39miles
Time – 2:28

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