07/02/2021: Insole Court

As I write this, we are just over an hour away from yet another Monday. How does this happen every week?

I’m still steadily working my way through my list of walk destinations, and as today was another non-event (weather wise), I didn’t stray too far from mid-range list. I’ve been to Insole Court a few times, but not since I started this little project.

It’s a Grade II listed mansion house in the “leafy suburb” of Llandaff – at least according to its website. I probably wouldn’t use such language myself, but I can’t deny it is a pleasant location to walk to. It’s 160 years old and was saved by a community project, so that’s nice. My favourite part is the stone lions in the gardens, they’re asleep so they remind me of my dog (as she usually is, too).

On the way back I went on a diversion to get extra steps in. I noticed that almost every house – that I could see into anyway – was watching the eggball. I’m told somebody won, and somebody lost. How novel.

I reached Thompson’s Park just as the warden was locking up the gates. I asked if I could still walk through and he kindly agreed that I could. Which meant that I got the park to myself for a few minutes. It was slightly eery being trapped inside while I waited for him to unlock the gate at the other end, but, I noticed that it wasn’t properly dark even though it was almost 5.30.

Then, I passed by the “Canton Book Swap” and picked up a couple of free books. What a result – I must remember to donate something back next time I’m walking in that direction.

Things are looking up.

Distance – 4.21miles
Time – 1:53

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