03/02/2021: Bute Park

Having such a huge park in the middle of the city has always felt like such a luxury, but of course it comes into its own at a time like this. Over the past couple of months I’ve been exploring different little nooks of the park and finding themes throughout it.

Today I went hunting for the wooden sculptures that are found in various places across the site. I missed a couple – like the frog – but I can save that for another day.

My coat was still wet from yesterday but fortunately, we had a rare dry day today and I was able to wear a different one. I know it’s this kind of minute detail that fans of this blog are really living for – you’re welcome.

I gave a talk for a camera club today (virtually, of course). I’m such a rock star that I didn’t even know which camera club I was talking to and managed to reference completely the wrong one throughout and wonder why nobody was responding accordingly.

Sometimes it feels as if each day passes, more and more of my brain cells just evaporate into thin air. In the past few weeks I’ve re-ordered my driving licence after losing it – then found it down the back of the sofa on the same day the new one came, thrown away a yoghurt which I’d literally just bought and been angry about it being a week out of date – then realised it wasn’t because it wasn’t, in fact, February yet, and now I can’t keep track who I’m bloody talking to.

If I make it to the end of this year with all my marbles intact (not that I had many to begin with), then it will honestly be a miracle.

Gotta keep trucking on though, right?

Distance – 2.54miles
Time – 1:12

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  1. Lovely images. I visited Cardiff for the first time recently and visited this park…I think?… but reading your other posts I think I missed loads. Ah well, good excuse for a return visit!


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