28/01/2021: Romilly Road

Well, it’s been a pretty quiet few days – walk wise at least. A lot of work and a lot of rain adds up to not much outside time. My fans have even started to complain, who’d have thought it?

During a rare 20 minute gap in the rain today I decided to make a break for it and do a quick lap around the extended block. I’ve just taken loan of a Panasonic LX100 II, which I think will the ideal camera for these walks, so I wanted to give it a quick airing.

I’ll admit that the results so far aren’t exactly mind-blowing, but we can blame that on the user, not the camera. I’ve got another busy day tomorrow, so I’m not holding out much hope of it yielding too much, but you never know.

I went over to Romilly Road because I wanted to check out the situation at the “Canton Book Swap”, a grand name for a hole in the wall that somebody puts books (and more lately, DVDs) into. When it first appeared it had a name plate and a more secure box, but I’m sad to say it’s looking a little worse for wear at the moment.

Somebody has generously donated a 10-year-old Good Pub guide to the pile. All I could think was – what’s a pub? Tomorrow we’ve got an announcement from our beloved leader about whether or not we’ll be allowed a slither of freedom in the coming weeks. Safe to say I’m not filled with optimism. Imagine going back to 2011 and telling all those pubs the joys of 2020/21.

On second thoughts, best not.

Distance – 1.48miles
Time – 38:57

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