25/01/2021: Victoria Park

Received wisdom says that Mondays are not a day to be enjoyed (perhaps somebody ought to write a song about that). But just lately they have become quite possibly my favourite day. I am fortunate that I can work flexibly, so I basically treat Monday a bit like an extension of the weekend.

It’s the start of a new week, so it feels like a clean slate, with the added bonus (especially at the moment), of the parks, streets and public spaces being a little bit quieter. Yesterday’s good light continued into today so I decided a moderate walk was in order and headed over to Canton.

I used to live in Canton and had a few happy years there. Trips to this park used to be a regular occurrence. However my time there ended with a couple of seriously unhappy weeks. Sadly, it’s the latter which tends to overshadow my emotions towards it, but little trips like today help to tip the balance just a touch in its favour again.

Victoria Park was/is always a big favourite of mine. It has a Victorian bandstand, a statue of a seal (!) and some of my favourite trees in Cardiff. There’s always lots of cute dogs and when the flowers come out in the spring I believe it to be one of the prettiest spaces in our capital.

Today, there was still a light dusting of yesterday’s snow, and it made me wonder what it’d look like with a proper covering – maybe we’ll find out at some point.

At the risk of this fully turning into a weather blog, it’s not looking good for tomorrow. I’m therefore glad I got out today, this lockdown (and perhaps this life) has taught me to try your best to enjoy what’s in front of you in the moment.

Of course I don’t always succeed at that, but it’s nice to have a goal, right?

Distance – 3.45miles
Time – 1:45

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