24/01/2021: Llandaff Fields

Overnight it snowed in most of the UK. It did here in Cardiff too, but the mere sprinkling I could see out the window was not enough to motivate me outside particularly early. I had a fun task I needed to make sure I got done first – that’s right, my tax return (try not to get jealous).

Having successfully figured out how much I need to send to Rishi – hope he’s grateful – it was time for my walk. I had half a mind to go another long one, but neither my legs or the dog’s were up to the task. Hers are only little, after all.

Instead we managed to sniff out the little smattering of snow that was still left up at Llandaff Fields. I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve seen proper snow since living in Cardiff. It’s so rare that I’ve been using the same images for Christmas cards for at least a decade. The last time we had actual, proper, deep snow, I had the audacity to be in New Orleans, where it was just a tad warmer.

I didn’t think today’s offering would be offering up any replacements any time soon, so wanting to travel light I grabbed the Leica Q2 Monochrom.

I’ve got quite a busy week ahead, so we’ll see how many walks of any substance I can fit in. There’s still plenty of places left in my mid-range list, though, so hope remains high.

Who’s going to break the news to the dog?

Distance – 2.03miles
Time – 1:04

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