22/01/2021: Cardiff Bridge

You would think after living in Cardiff for a decade-and-a-half, I might be used to the 12-seasons-in-one-day weather we are sometimes blessed with.

This morning was a beautiful one, possibly the best I’ve seen in quite some time. But, with a to-do list longer than my arm and a naively hopeful determination to get at least a third of the way through it, I hoped the sun’s glorious appearance would prove to be more than just a mere interlude.

I make no exaggeration that no sooner had I crossed off a satisfactory chore on the ever-growing list, a giant set of clouds rumbled over and put the kibosh on my plans. There was nothing left to do but eat tacos while watching Sister Sister – I’m sure most people do the same thing when faced with a similar problem.

After 90s-escapism was over, I returned back to the to-do list hoping that perhaps the rain would bugger off and I’d be able to get out a bit later on. The glorious sunshine didn’t quite return but the clouds parted for just enough time for me to perilously make my way along the edge of a very muddy river bank (hoping not to fall in), through Bute Park and over a bridge which I have just today learned has the very imaginative name of “Cardiff Bridge”. How many planning committees do you think it took to conjure up that one?

Tomorrow’s forecast says sunshine all day. There’s a 90% chance it will not rain, apparently.

Better take my brolley.

Distance – 1.79miles
Time – 53:17

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