21/01/2021: Cathedral Road

Although I was initially woken up by the sound of heavy rain (I’m told it was actually hail), by the time I’d had my requisite additional 20 winks and woken up properly, the sun was shining. It feels like about 10,000 years since that has happened – the reality is probably closer to two weeks, but time is going both extraordinarily slowly and extraordinarily quickly at the moment so I’ve no real clue what’s going on.

The exciting news for today is that I stumbled across my friend out walking with his human in one of the nearby gardens. What a stroke of luck! He (the dog) posed for one of my photos, but refused to do it again when it turned out I didn’t have any treats on my person – fair enough.

I didn’t go far on today’s walk, but I used the Q2 Monochrom again. So you’ll have to take my word for it when I say that skies weren’t grey today.

Said bright skies stuck around all day and the impact on my mind was enormous. I even witnessed a pretty epic red sky from my desk, while also simultaneously realising that it was almost 5pm and still not quite fully dark yet. A double sure sign that better days are to come, I think? I hope.

I’ve tentatively checked the forecast for the next couple of days and without getting too excited, it’s looking quite good. I’m a little wary of putting that I’m hoping to return to long walks over the weekend – the last one didn’t turn out too well – but I’m feeling positive about it.

Let’s find out what happens.

Distance = 1.73miles
Time = 0:52

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