20/01/2021: Cowbridge Road East

Although I credit myself with moderate intelligence most of the time, there are times when it takes a while for something blindingly obvious to sink in.

In an attempt to bring some meaning to the current waste-of-life more commonly known as lockdown (much needed as it is) I have managed to turn the mundane – yet essential – process of popping out for some fresh air into a project.

That has its upsides. On the whole I’ve enjoyed this blog, and it’s been a good way to force myself to go to a variety of different places. It’s been nice to take photos for fun again, too. No matter how many well-intentioned memes I see telling me it’s OK to just “exist” during lockdown – and no matter how much I agree with that sentiment – my way of coping with this mess just doesn’t look like that. Soz. However, there is one major downside that I’ve only just realised I’ve been doing.

It’s been raining solidly for about eight years now. Ok, it’s actually three days – it just feels a lot longer when you couple it with the grim situation we’re already in. After three days of sitting here in the fetid aromas of dog farts, 48-hour-old cooking smells and industrial strength air freshener (cause and effect), is it any wonder I’ve been feeling “a bit shit”?

Looking out at a grey/rainy day, I find myself thinking there’s not much point in venturing outside since it won’t garner anything for this blog. Neither will just sitting on the sofa and pondering the mundanity of life – but the second option sure is a lot easier.

I took delivery of a Leica Q2 Monochrom this afternoon. Getting to play with toys I would never buy is quite possibly the best thing about my job and it was the kick up the proverbial I was looking for. However, as the day went on and my eyes moved from it to the outside world several times, I grew increasingly annoyed that the weather wasn’t abating.

Eventually, I remembered that weather-sealing (the camera’s, not mine) was invented for a reason and decided to just get on with it.

Not 10 seconds after I had been in the outside, the wind and rain was giving me a very large, very real slap across the face. And immediately, and somewhat surprisingly, I thought – “wow, this is great, I needed this.” And then the epiphany occurred. Maybe, just maybe, I can go out for a walk around the block without having to record it, capture it, or turn it into a project?

Or, I could just open a window.

Distance – 1.58miles
Time – 34:30

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