17/01/2021: Blackweir Arboretum

Anybody with eagle eyes (or a calendar) may have noticed that I missed a day. After two full weeks of walking and blogging I had half a mind to give myself a rest day. The gods of fate saw fit to send a drunk driver to crash into my (parked) car at 9am, so the decision was taken out of my hands. There’s a surprising amount of admin involved to sort that out – even when the damage is pretty – thankfully – minimal.

After spending half a day on the phone to insurance companies (and friends eager to catch up on the drama, of course) I pretty much didn’t move off the sofa for the rest of it. It was grey and the excitement of something (anything) happening during lockdown was obviously just too much adrenaline for one day.

But I knew I had to get back out today, lest I start a streak of inactivity that runs for longer than is desirable. White skies were still in abundance so I thought I’d head somewhere where that doesn’t matter too much, settling on Blackweir Arboretum.

It’s on the other side of the Blackweir Bridge, so I had to go the long way around to get to (and from) it. Annoying, but good for the step count.

While the surrounding fields were pretty busy with joggers, walkers and cyclists, the arboretum itself was fairly empty. The tall trees towering above me made the problems of yesterday fade into insignificance and I wondered how nice this place must look if that rarest of sights makes an appearance – sunshine. I will have to return should we ever see some of that again.

The long walks I had planned for this weekend may have gone out of the window, but it was an enjoyable destination none-the-less. For some reason, a lot of my walks have ended up being 1hr45 – today was another such day.

Let’s see how many palavers next week brings…

Distance – 4.03miles
Time – 1:45

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