15/01/2021: Blackweir Bridge

Do you ever find yourself paralysed with indecision? Seems to happen to me a lot, not sure why. Today I couldn’t decide whether to go out or not. It wasn’t raining, wasn’t a blank white sky, but it was cold and I did have a lot of work to do.

I thought, if I go out now I’ll have a few hours of light. Yet something indeterminate stopped me. 20 minutes later, if I go out now I’ll still have a couple. This went on for longer than is wholly sensible until finally there was probably only about 40 minutes of any kind of light left.

Still – it’s better than nothing.

With my time now limited I stayed close. In the end it turned out to be quite a happy accident since the river was low today which meant I could walk under the Blackweir Bridge, getting close to the water. I enjoyed that.

It’s still frustrating that the bridge is closed – I’d have loved to have popped over to the tantalisingly near arboretum on the other side of it, but I’ll save it for another day, for a long walk.

I’ve got quite a bit to get through over the weekend, but I’m still hoping to find enough time for a couple of long – or at least, longish, walks.

Now I just need to break it to the dog.

Distance – 1.78miles
Time – 1:01

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