14/01/2021: Gorsedd Gardens

I woke up to the sound of rain and assumed today might be a write off. But, it seems the weather gods don’t want me to skip a day just yet as just a few hours later, the sun came out.

Not one to pass up an opportunity, I scooped up the dog (who I can’t say was overly thrilled about the prospect) and headed out. I didn’t have much time so I kept it fairly local and trotted over to Gorsedd Gardens, just outside City Hall.

My favourite Cardiff statue (does everyone have a favourite statue?) is found in these gardens, as well as a stone circle, a coffee kiosk and a set of other statues. Not bad for one of the smaller parks in our city. I don’t know why I like the statue so much – of the little girl – but perhaps it’s because it’s of nobody in particular and not a historical old white dude. A rarity, even in the statue world.

I find myself in disbelief that this year is just two weeks old. I feel as if I’ve been doing these daily walk blogposts for a lot longer. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing – perhaps it’s neither.

There’s at least two more weeks of lockdown to go and I now find myself starting to wonder if I might find the ability to go on a walk further afield a little overwhelming. I temper that feeling with the excitement of being able to back to the beach, the days getting longer and the temperatures getting warmer.

It’ll be OK.

Distance – 3.00 miles
Time – 1:19

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