13/01/2021: King’s Road

I really, definitely, certainly, absolutely wasn’t going to go for a walk today. Grey skies and zoom meetings all day, I got to 6.30 and decided the window of opportunity was lost. To make matters worse, it was now raining. Forget it, I thought.

But, received wisdom says that there’s no such thing as bad weather – only bad clothes. Sitting there with a glum expression (not that anyone can see it), I decided that I may as well go out, if just for a quick one to get some fresh air. I grabbed the Z7 II with only a 35mm lens – I wasn’t wholly intending to take more than a couple of shots. I left the dog behind – dragging along a wet dog along a wet pavement is not my idea of a relaxing or refreshing amble, and I’m pretty sure it’s not hers either.

Just as always – when will I learn – I didn’t regret my decision and with my hood pulled up I could barely tell it was raining. Glimpses of the sheet rain underneath the street lamps were really the only give away. I recalled as I moved along the street that some of my favourite walks had been taken defiantly against downpours and I should probably do this more often. It also struck me as quite the miracle that I’d managed to get to Day 13 without encountering any of the wet stuff. Judging by the outlook for the next few days, the grace period most certainly is over.

I circled around and ended up at King’s Road. I’ve just spent several minutes researching whether there’s an apostrophe in King’s. Is it a road belonging to a king, or a road of many kings? Google Maps says King’s, so I’ll stick with that for now. I’ve also learned that house prices on this street jumped about 100k between 2018 and 2019. Pontcanna, eh?

It won’t surprise anybody to learn that the rainy streets during lockdown were almost completely empty. Even the Co-Op seemed quiet and I only came across a couple of dog walkers. One was accompanied by a dog of the same breed as mine – I smiled in recognition and was met with a blank expression. It was only then that I remembered my poor little dog was not by my side, but whining alone at home.

Still, at least her belly stayed dry.

Distance – 1.42miles
Time – 0:46

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