10/01/2021: Taff Trail Marker

Sadly, cheerier weather did not appear today – though it doesn’t seem to have rained hardly at all since I started doing this blog. 10 days on the trot of dry weather in Cardiff? It will almost definitely rain tomorrow now that I’ve remarked on it.

Since travel restrictions were once again placed upon us, I’ve been become more acquainted with the local map than ever before. Most days I have a scroll around Google Maps, looking for inspiration. Sometimes a familiar place will be re-lodged into my brain, and other times, some place or other I’ve never noticed, never been to, never even thought to go to will appear.

Today was one such day. I noticed on the map something called “Taff Trail Marker”. I’ve seen a couple of these along the Taff, so I’m not sure why this one is so marked on the map, but being only a 40 minute walk from home, I thought I’d go and have a look at it.

To get there I traipsed through now-familiar territory to cross the river, and ended up on never-before-trodden ground on the other side of it, which I still think is pretty cool during a pandemic and in a place I’ve lived for 15+ years (save for a few gaps, here and there).

The pictures certainly aren’t the most thrilling, but today I mainly concentrated on the point of the outing – to get outside, get moving and to go and have a look at something marked on a map just for “something to do”. The pictures that are here are either taken with the Nikon Z7 II, or the iPhone 12 Pro.

If my prediction that it will rain all day tomorrow turns out to be true, don’t expect a blogpost – my dog refuses to move any further than strictly, absolutely necessary in such conditions. OK, I’ll admit it, I do too.

Distance – 4.63miles
Time – 2.08

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