09/01/2021: Northcote Lane

Something I often wonder is whether everybody else experiences this sudden whooshing of time going past at the same rate as I do. I guess, enough people complain about it, so they must do.

Today’s plans to do a long walk went out the window as the day seemed to evaporate into thin air. However, the weather was also a bit “nothing” so inspiration wasn’t in too much abundance.

In the end, I decided to go on a bit of a graffiti trail up into Cathays (might be Roath, not sure?) where you’ll find Northcote Lane. In the past I’ve done quite a few portrait shots in the lane, but I notice it’s now been cut in half by some kind of development – a shame for potential portrait locations, but probably a good thing overall (maybe?).

To get here I had to walk through the student area, not far from where I used to live myself back when I wasn’t quite so ancient. While Bute Park was pretty busy with plenty of weekenders, Cathays – understandably – was pretty much a ghost town. Still, good for socially distanced walking I guess.

Like yesterday, I used the Nikon Z7 II for today’s shots. I only used a 20mm lens – I had others with me but it was too cold to be messing about swapping lenses.

Tomorrow is another day and if I can manage to get out of the house a bit quicker – and hopefully if the weather is a little cheerier – I might do that long walk I keep threatening to do. We’ll see.

Distance – 4.13miles
Time – 1:45


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