08/01/2021: Cardiff City Centre

It didn’t take long to get behind on this blog (not that I’m committing to writing one every, soz). I don’t know whether to write this in the past tense or pretend that it’s yesterday. It’s hard to keep up the pretence, so I’ll stick with the past.

Yesterday, I went for a walk in Cardiff City Centre. It was another dark walk as the day got away from me, and the weather was pretty dull anyway. There’s no way it could have matched up to the day before, so why even bother trying.

I know we’re probably all beyond bored of seeing completely empty city centres by now, but it still feels weird to me (especially as somebody who spent Lockdown 1.0 in the suburbs). The weirdness is compounded by the fact that it was a Friday night. I used to live in the city centre and to have seen it like that on even a banal Wednesday would be unusual. Still, at least there were no inebriates shouting at me / my dog, so that’s something.

Now that I live close to “town” again (why do British people call city centres town, regardless of the size of it – do people who live in actual towns also say “town”, or do they say “village”? – I’m going down a rabbit hole now), I find myself walking around it quite frequently. For some reason I’m pretty obsessed with taking pictures of the Principality (Millennium) Stadium. It reminds me of a giant alien spider, accidentally crash-landed in the middle of our city.

I used the Nikon Z7 II for these shots, which I’ve been using for a couple of weeks as part of a review I’ve been doing. I like it.

After wandering around the main streets – actually I missed out Queen Street – something to save for another day – I took a long way home. I’ve explained to a friend that I want to make more interesting maps than just straight lines, but I’m also trying to up my step count. So, win win.

Tomorrow – whoops, today – it’s the weekend so I’m hopeful for a coupe of extra long walks. Watch this space.

Distance – 3.23miles
Time – 1:52

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