07/01/2021: Plasturton Gardens

I didn’t go very far today, but I still managed to take an hour to traverse not-even two miles. It’s amazing how much time stopping to take a picture every few steps adds to your journey, who knew? It was also just so nice out there today – brilliant sunshine, long, deep shadows and even birds singing in the trees. It was cold, but wrapped up in my big coat and with gloves on, it didn’t really feel it. If anything, it almost felt, dare I say it, a little spring-like.

Walking past one house I saw two people bravely having their lunch on a bench outside. I’m not sure they, huddled inside enormous coats and with scarves wrapped around them, shared my perception. But needs must at times like this, I suppose.

We had the first lockdown during Spring, when the sun seemed to shine pretty much endlessly. But I wasn’t in the right place to appreciate it. I mean that mainly metaphorically, but also trapped in the suburbs at the time, a quick walk around the block didn’t provide quite the same feeling as it does here. Now I can appreciate the difference and it makes me smile. It’s also a lot flatter here too, thank goodness. Today also made me look forward to the season rolling around soon(ish), when we can only hope that the world is also in better shape. Can’t be any worse… surely?

Today I was travelling light again, and that was great – I only used my Fujifilm X70. I can’t use my phone very well in such cold conditions, so that stayed firmly in my pocket.

Plasturton Gardens is very close to where I live, but it’s somewhere I don’t go all that often. Or it’s somewhere I go if I’m feeling like I can’t be bothered to go very far, the lazy option. But it is undeniably very pretty and looked even more so today in the almost too-perfect conditions. I noticed that somebody had drawn some sums on the floor in chalk – a parent desperately trying to make the home-schooling a little bit more interesting, perhaps? Either that or a really geeky graffiti artist, I guess.

Making the journey back, I took a few detours – which you’ll see from the map – so that I could be outside for as long as possible. I passed my bemused neighbour as I walked past my front door and looped back around so that I could round up the walk to an hour. If they haven’t realised I’m a little odd by now, perhaps they never will.

Distance – 1.9miles
Time: 1:00

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