06/01/2021: Chapter

Today’s walk was in darkness, the first walk I’ve done like that in a little while. For once it wasn’t faffing about that was the cause of late leaving, but rather waiting in for a parcel – as well as having some actual work to do. Woe.

I took a short(ish) stroll over to Chapter and back. It is of course sad to see it – and so many other places – closed. I hope it survives all of this nonsense. The Leica has gone back now so I just took the Fujifilm X70 with me.

In the dark, I stick to “pavement pounding”, I don’t go to parks and fields and so on. Try catching a black dog in the dark who has chased after an errant squirrel and you’ll see why. Another reason why I like walking around the neighbourhood after dark is the lights.

This lockdown – just like the last – has brought up many difficult emotions for lots of people. During lockdown 1.0 I wasn’t alone, but now, we’re in our third one and I’m living by myself. Do you know what, it’s great – I can eat the entire contents of the fridge, listen to Steps on full blast and nobody complains if I haven’t washed my hair for three days. But it’s also lonely, very lonely. The isolation I – and thousands / millions like me – has been like nothing I could ever have imagined before, and something I didn’t expect to feel.

But I do. Every day.

Going for my daily walk helps me to get fresh air, see faces and places, and gets my limbs moving. These are all good things. But beyond that, after dark, the lights come on and it’s ever more obvious that there are people living their lives in most of the houses that you pass. You don’t know their stories, some will be having a better time than you, some inevitably, will be having a worse one. But we’re all here and we’re all connected and united by a common thread.

Enough schmaltz – the truth is, I just like looking to see how people have decorated their living rooms and to ponder one of life’s eternal questions – how come some people don’t shut their blinds or curtains? I noticed lots of people still have their Christmas trees up. Some have them up, but haven’t switched the lights on. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to keep the warm glow of artificial light. I took down my Christmas tree yesterday (it was in the way of the TV anyway), but I think I might keep the lights up until about 2022.

Distance – 2.18miles
Time: – 1:00

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