05/01/2021: Thompson’s Park

After yesterday’s very long walk, today I treated myself to a much shorter one. The light was beautiful and the streets were lined with cast-out Christmas trees – I always find this day in the year strangely surreal, but it’s a good way to note the passing of the season.

I used to live round the corner from Thompson’s Park, so I must have walked around it hundreds – if not thousands – of times. With lockdown forcing people to utilise their local parks for exercise (and with no school), it was actually one of the busiest I’ve seen it. My general recollection of the place is that it was pretty quiet most of the time.

Still, it was nice to see people enjoying the sunshine, dogs running around freely and ducks swimming about the little pond. Just for a moment, you might even forget something was going on. Maybe.

Most of the photos were taken once again with the Fujifilm X70, but with a couple of extras from the Leica SL-2S.

The walk back through Canton and Pontcanna coincided with the sun at its lowest point in the sky before disappearing forever. Everything looks better in the golden light, don’t you think?

Distance – 2.73miles
Time – 1:42

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