04/01/2021: Hamadryad Park

I’ll start this post with a note about how each post is titled, I’m sure you are dying to know. Titles would be incredibly long if they included every location throughout the walk – especially a long one like today – so I’ve generally been calling them by the final destination, or rather, the destination I am (sometimes loosely) aiming for before turning around to come home.

I didn’t spend much time in Hamadryad Park (it’s too cold to spend too much time anywhere), but I thought I’d go there having never been there ever before. Pretty cool to go somewhere new, especially at a time like this. To get there, I had to walk along paths I’d never set foot on before either, which is also fun. I can see why people sometimes do portrait shoots there.

It was a very, very long walk, in the end. I took a little bit of a long way around to get there since I wanted to walk over the Link Road to have a look at the view. And then I meandered the wrong way home so as to make for a more interesting map on Runkeeper. Anyway, what’s the rush to get home? I was supposed to be working today – well, I did a bit, but not a lot. More tomorrow, before the full onslaught on Wednesday.

This marked the first time in about a week that I managed to get myself out the door while most of the daylight hours were still available. That meant not having to rush, or turn around, as the light faded. I should probably do that more often.

I have realised in looking back at these pictures that it looks quite bleak. A combination of grey skies, empty landscapes and people-less vistas will do that I guess. The weather was mostly just a state of “nothingness” today. But hey, at least it wasn’t raining. I definitely wouldn’t have walked more than six miles in the rain.

I mostly used my Fujifilm X70 again, but I also had the Leica SL2-S, too. It’s going back fairly soon, so I’ll be using something else quite soon. Not sure what yet.

Distance – 6.69miles
Time – 2:45

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