03/01/2021: Pontcanna Fields

Today is officially the last day of my Christmas break – having settled into my lazy routine, I wonder if it will be difficult to get back to normal tomorrow. Might have to ease myself in.

I had originally planned a different walk today, but due to my previously-mentioned excessive propensity for faffing, it was once again 3pm by the time I left the house. I decided to pay a visit to the ponies and horses at the top of Pontcanna Fields instead. It’s usually pretty quiet up there and there’s a nice bit of woodland to walk through for the dog to explore too.

It didn’t disappoint, as lots of equine chums were gathered around today – I like how animals are completely oblivious to the nonsense that we have to endure on a day-to-day basis. A state of bliss that we almost certainly can’t hope to achieve ourselves.

Today I used the Leica SL2-S again, along with the Fujifilm X70, which I’ve had for some years. Nice little camera that I think I’ll be taking out on more of my walks.

Our city is split in half by the River Taff, and somebody in their infinite wisdom has decided to close off the bridge closest to where I live, apparently due to fears of somebody inadvertently catching Covid as they trample across it. The big downside of this is that you have to walk quite some distance in either direction to find another bridge (which is presumably free from Covid). But, I will concede that the upside has been that I found this route that I previously wasn’t really aware of.

Still, I hope they open that bloody bridge sooner rather than later – I miss going to the other side the short way round.

Distance – 3.14miles
Time – 1:24

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