02/01/2021: Cathays Park

I seem to have settled into a routine of pottering about until lunchtime, have something to eat and then finally get out the door at around 3pm. That means that I’m out just as the sun is setting and the light is changing. I’d love to say I was doing it to be photographically clever, but the truth is that the day escapes me at home due to my propensity for excessive faffing about (technical term).

Today’s walk I think might have come to me from watching Doctor Who, which features Cathays Park a lot in the 10th season – with the main university building standing in for the Doctor’s Office (and pretending to be Bristol). Perhaps watching it regularly just recently meant it was near the front of my brain when trying to choose somewhere to go. At the moment, it’s also where you’ll find a Covid-testing site, which of course I don’t go near, but is somewhat of a chilling sight when you see it in the distance – it looks a bit like a crime scene to be honest.

I went to Cardiff University myself and have fond memories of this area. I used to walk through it every day on my way to lectures – I loved learning and often wish I could go back (yes, I am weird). I took with me the Leica SL-2S again, for which I just have one lens – a 50mm, so it’s quite limiting, but interesting to be so restricted.

I also took the Google Pixel 5 with me, which I’m also reviewing, which was handy for getting some wider shots. It was pretty much dark by the time I came back via the edge of town – which once again was strange to see so quiet, considering it is Saturday afternoon.

Weirdly, even though I didn’t set out with this intention, my walk was exactly the same length of time as yesterday’s – though a little shorter in distance.

Distance – 3.33 miles
Time – 1:45

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