01/01/2021: Taffs Mead Embankment

First day of the year and first walk too. I’ve decided to keep a better record of my (almost) daily walks – because let’s face it, it’ll be a while before we’re allowed to do a whole lot else. I don’t intend to always post them here, and there may be days when I don’t go any further than the end of the road – neither me nor my dog are fans of the rain, for a start.

For now we are still in a national lockdown in Wales which means that travel for exercise is not currently permitted. As a photographer, if I’m working I am allowed to travel, but where possible I’m trying to stay local, as per the guidelines.

Today’s walk idea came from looking at a map from where I live in Pontcanna to the Bay. I had a vague idea I might walk as far as that, but with the light rapidly fading, I thought I’d save that trip for another day. I also realised I hadn’t walked along the river for a long while, so off I went. I took with me the Leica SL2-S, with a 50mm f/2 lens. I also got a few extra shots with my iPhone (12 Pro).

I’ve also decided to start tracking the walks as I used to do a few years ago. I use RunKeeper, but there’s lots of different apps out there which do more-or-less the same thing. It’s good to have a better record, and also helpful for my ageing brain to remember where I’ve been. I also have it set to announce (via earphones) every 10 minutes how long I’ve been walking, and how far.

After walking about as far as interesting views seemed likely, I came back through town, which – it being lockdown – was pretty quiet. A very strange New Year’s Day indeed.

Distance – 3.56miles
Time – 1:45

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